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Here at LCR we are dedicated to providing you with pain management options that get you up and moving again more quickly and with fewer complications. We work closely with your medical team to design an appropriate plan for your recovery, which allows us to provide you with a variety of options to accomplish our goals.

In Office

Our convenient locations allow you easy access. We provide flexible hours to fit your schedule.


Physical Therapy can be brought to your home or office providing the same care given in office.

Assisted Living / Extended Care

Our services reach you in your home away from home to improve your activities of daily living and functional mobility.


Arthritis / Balance / Back Pain / Hand Injury / Fibromyalgia / Fractures / Joint Pain / Neck Pain / Orthopedic Surgery / Stroke

Manual Therapy – Hands on techniques to mobilize skin, bones, or soft tissue.

Ultrasound – High frequency soundwaves to create heat response in muscles, ligaments, tendons to relieve muscle spasms, soreness and trigger points.

Reduce swelling, relieve muscles spasms, increase healing, decrease pain

Distraction force on spine that causes decompression of the intervertebral discs for sciatica, and herniated/degenerated discs.

Detect soft tissue lesions and fascial restrictions to improve range of motion.

Provide support and stability to muscles and joints to facilitate the bodies natural healing process.


Contact Us

We want to get you moving and enjoying life again, using scientifically-based treatment techniques that focus on restoring function, reducing pain and preventing injury. Come check us out!

We’re Hiring!

Are you as passionate about physical therapy as we are?  If so, we want to hear from you!

Please see below for the positions we have available at our multiple locations:

Physical Therapist

Lexington | Mt. Pleasant | Pawley’s Island

Please submit your resume or CV HERE